Horsepower Converter

Convert Your Horsepower!

One day while driving, I noticed a bumper sticker on somebody's car with a joke about their horsepower. That got me thinking about how unusual horsepower is as a measurement for the power of an engine. That lead to wondering what would be even more unusual as a measurement. I came to the conclusion that I would really like to know the power of my engine in terms of Tyrannosaurus Rex power. And the horsepower converter was born.

Where horsepower for a specific conversion was not available I used a trap speed formula (weight * (velocity/234)^3) to estimate using weight and speed. For example, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has a weight of 17,990 pounds and had a speed of 18 miles per hour (both estimated, obviously) which gives us 8.1884387801548 horsepower.

This site was built by Tyler Walters. The code powering this website is open source, and available on GitHub: Horsepower Converter.